Pets Hub + Pet Sitter Guide


The Pet Hub covers all parts of pet ownership - health, training, grooming, travel planning, finances, pet sitting, keeping track of all kinds of things, and more. Notion allows you to have a 100% customizable and flexible workspace for all things pets related.

If you only need the Pet Sitter & Walker Guide, check this out:

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  • Pet Profiles (It automatically pulls up data from all the related databases so you can see information about each specific pet on its page)
  • Health Page
    • Vaccination Schedule
    • Vaccination Tracker
    • Vet Visits
    • Illness & Injuries Database
    • Medications Database
    • Medications Tracker
    • Weight Control
  • Grooming Page
    • Grooming Schedule
    • Grooming Tracker
  • Travel Page
    • Trips Overview
    • Trips Manager
    • Trips Calendar
    • Housesitting websites & Pet Sitter related contacts
  • Training Page
    • Commands Database
    • Training Sessions Tracker
    • Training Resources Database
  • Finances Page
  • Inventory Page
  • Dog Walking Schedule
  • Dog Walking Tracker
  • Contacts
  • Resources (Place to keep links to useful resources & websites)
  • Pet Sitter Guide (A separate template for setting up everything for your pet sitters)
  • Dog Walker Guide (A separate template for setting up everything for your dog walker)
  • Detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up this template


1. Purchase the template (Instant Download)

2. Duplicate the template in your Notion and start using it straight away

3. Instructions about setup included inside the template


This digital product is intended for personal use only. Sharing these files, selling, or redistributing them in any form is not allowed. Derivative works are prohibited.


Do I need to pay any subscription fees? Is Notion really free? 

Yes! Notion is completely FREE and this template works with the free version just fine.

I’ve never used Notion before, will this suit me? 

It will help if you have a basic knowledge of how Notion works but if you don’t - no worries, it’s easy to learn. This template includes a comprehensive guide on how to use all the different features, how to customize it, etc. And if you need more fundamental knowledge of the software check out this Notion Guide -

Can I customize this template?

Yes! This is what makes notion so powerful, keep any parts that you need and delete others. Change text, layout, upload your covers - make it your own!

Is this refundable?
Due to the nature of digital items, refunds are not accepted.

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Pets Hub + Pet Sitter Guide

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