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This Finance Dashboard is a powerful tool to track your expenses, income, money transfers, savings, and debts. Never lose track of where your money goes, set monthly budget goals, track your subscriptions, and more. You don’t have to use ugly spreadsheet files anymore, track your finances in an aesthetic Notion Template. You can access your finance dashboard from any of your devices, and it will sync automatically. 


Notion is a free software that will help you to build a system to organize everything - finance, content, clients, personal life, movies & books - you name it. It provides you with versatile blocks that you can use to create your own dashboards, databases, task lists, etc. 


  • Accounts (Create as many accounts as you need. The balances will be updated automatically as you enter your transactions)
  • Expenses Tracking (Add transactions straight from the main dashboard or from the Expense page. Overview on the categories spending included)
  • Income Tracking (Add transactions straight from the main dashboard or from the special Incomes page)
  • Transfers Between Accounts (Move money between accounts quick&easy)
  • Expense Categories (The template already has 29 premade categories, you’re free to use them, delete the ones you won’t need, and add new ones. It’s fully customizable)
  • Monthly Budgets (Set up a monthly budget for each category and see how it compares with your actual spending)
  • Income Streams (Add your income streams to see statistics on where your income comes from)
  • Subscriptions (Track your subscriptions, calendar view, main dashboard notifications)
  • Bills (Track your bills, calendar view, main dashboard notifications)
  • Debts Tracker (Detailed summary about each of your debts + transactions tracker)
  • Goals&Savings Tracker (Set up your goals and track transactions toward the goals)
  • Monthly Pages (12 monthly pages premade to see/manage all the transactions for each specific month + info on categories spendings income streams performance)
  • Cover Design Files (All the cover files are included in the download folder)


1. Purchase the template (Instant Download)

2. Download the PDF file with the link

3. Duplicate the template in your Notion and start using it straight away

4. Instructions about setup included inside the template


1. A device to access Notion (Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

2. A Notion account (It’s free!)

3. A Basic understanding of how Notion works


The template is designed to work with any of the notion-supported currencies. Which at the moment are 33! The default setup is in US$, so you don't need to do anything if it’s the currency you use. For other currencies, there is a simple 2min setup process (Video & Text instructions included to make the process as seamless as possible)

Please note that all of your expenses and incomes should be entered in one main currency that you chose. If you are traveling and spending money in a different currency you will need to convert those spendings to your Base Currency (whether it’s $, or euros doesn’t matter) and then enter the amount. Tips on how to convert currencies easily, without going to Google every time, are included.


This digital product is intended for personal use only. Sharing these files, selling, or redistributing them in any form is not allowed. Derivative works are prohibited.


Do I need to pay any subscription fees? Is Notion really free? 

Yes! Notion is completely FREE and this template works with the free version just fine, with no limitations on the amount of content you can create. However, you should be aware of the free version limit - 5mb uploads for images/videos (embedding videos from youtube or another video hosting is unlimited), and if you work in a team paid plan might be more suitable (8$/per user a month if paid yearly, 10$ monthly).

I’ve never used Notion before, will this suit me? 

It will help if you have a basic knowledge of how Notion works but if you don’t - no worries, it’s easy to learn. This template includes a comprehensive guide on how to use different features. And if you need more fundamental knowledge of the software check out this Notion Guide -

Can I customize this template?

Yes! This is what makes notion so powerful, keep any parts that you need and delete others. Change Cover designs, titles, etc - make it your own!

Is this refundable?
Due to the nature of digital items, refunds are not accepted.

How can I contact you?

Here is my email: Have questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to assist!

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The Ultimate Finance Tracker | Notion Template

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