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Whether you want to learn the Lucid Dreaming technique or just want to record your dreams from time to time this template is a perfect match. Make your dream tracking a pleasant experience & stick to the habit.


  • Dream Hub Dashboard (Record your dreams/notes/sleep entries, check the summary, dreams collections sorted by emotions, patterns, dream type, and more )
  • Notification Center (Updates on your dreams & sleep tracking, if you're a lucid dreamer see how many lucid dreams you've had)
  • Quick Action Buttons (Add dreams, notes & sleep records with a button click)
  • Emotions & Feelings (Collection of Emotions & Feelings already included with the template + automatic calculations on how many dreams are in each category)
  • Patterns (Curate your collection of repeating patterns to understand what happens in your dreams. + automatic calculations on how many dreams are in each category)
  • People (Database where you can add people you often see in your dreams & connect it to the dream entries to see statistics)
  • Dream Types (Sort your dreams into "Normal", "Lucid" or "Nightmare" category or create your own system)
  • Favorite Dreams (Curate your favorite dreams into collections, see the latest one in the main Dream Hub page)
  • Sleep Quality Calendar View (Overview of your sleep entries in the Calendar view to see the full picture)
  • Monthly Pages (12 monthly pages with the related dream entries & summary)
  • How it works (Comprehensive guide explaining all the features of this template. If there is something missing or you don't understand some parts, please reach out at I'll be happy to hear your feedback and update the guide page)


Notion is a free software that will help you to build a system to organize everything - finance, content, clients, personal life, movies & books - you name it. It provides you with versatile blocks that you can use to create your own dashboards, databases, task lists, etc. 


1. Purchase the template (Instant Download)

2. Download the PDF file with the link

3. Duplicate the template in your Notion and start using it straight away

4. Instructions about setup included inside the template


1. A device to access Notion (Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

2. A Notion account (It’s free!)

3. A Basic understanding of how Notion works


This digital product is intended for personal use only. Sharing these files, selling, or redistributing them in any form is not allowed. Derivative works are prohibited.


Do I need to pay any subscription fees? Is Notion really free? 

Yes! Notion is completely FREE and this template works with the free version just fine.

I’ve never used Notion before, will this suit me? 

It will help if you have a basic knowledge of how Notion works but if you don’t - no worries, it’s easy to learn. This template includes a comprehensive guide on how to use different features, how to add new content, how to customize it, etc. And if you need more fundamental knowledge of the software check out this Notion Guide -

Can I customize this template?

Yes! This is what makes notion so powerful, keep any parts that you need and delete others. Change Cover designs, titles - make it your own!

Is this refundable?
Due to the nature of digital items, refunds are not accepted.

How can I contact you?

Here is my email: Have questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to assist!

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Advanced Dream & Sleep Tracker | Notion Template

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