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Creating content is a lot of work, and managing this content for all the different platforms at the same time is even harder and requires a good bullet-proof system. That’s why I’ve built this comprehensive Notion Template for Content Planning, so you can leave organizational questions behind and focus on the creative process. This is not just a publishing calendar or the place to keep your notes & ideas - it is a holistic system that lets you organize and connect all the pieces together, and on top of that it’s aesthetic and fully customizable - take the parts you need and throw unnecessary ones away. It took me more than 150+ hours to build this system so you won’t need to waste this time - just duplicate this template into your Notion and start planning content right away. 


Notion is a free software that will help you to build a system to organize everything - finance, content, clients, personal life, movies & books - you name it. It provides you with versatile blocks that you can use to create your own dashboards, databases, task lists, etc. 


  • Content Hub Dashboard (Manage all your content-related tasks, notes, and ideas. Organize a publishing calendar, see an overview of the platforms you use, access resources, and more)

    • Content Weekly Checklist
    • Automation tools - buttons to add content quickly
    • Notification Center
    • Latest Notes
    • Latest Ideas
    • Upcoming Content
    • Publishing Calendar
    • Monthly Pages
    • Navigation Menu
    • Quick Notes
    • Quick Access to Resources

  • Monthly Pages (12 monthly pages with the related content entries & summary)
  • Platform Pages (Separate page for each platform where you can see, plan and organize related content, check platform metrics, current milestones, publishing calendar, and more)
  • Content Templates (6 content templates to speed up the creation process - reel, tiktok, post, carousel, blog post, youtube video, and more coming in the future updates. Each content template can be customized for your own needs as well)
  • Content Strategy (Page that will help you set up all the pieces of your content strategy - content pillars, target audience, goals&obsjectives, topics, production stages, schedule, etc)
  • Brand Guidelines (Add your logo, typography styles, mission statement, etc to this page - it is especially helpful if you work in a team or outsource tasks so all your content is coherent with the brand guidelines)
  • Hashtags & Hashtag Collections (Curate and organize your hashtags into collections. You can link upcoming content with multiple hashtag collections, which will automatically generate a text field from which you can copy & paste into social media posts at the publishing stage)
  • Ideas Bank (Keep your ideas organized, link them to the music, references, articles you've read, etc. This way when you start creating a piece of content you won't sit in front of a blank page ever again)
  • All tasks (Create tasks to help you grow your social media. Tasks can be independent or connected to content pieces)
  • All notes (Keep your thoughts organized and connect to ideas to build your content)
  • Content Notebook (Page dedicated to all the content pieces in the process or completed, sorted into different views for easy management)
  • Music & Sounds page (Curate Music & Sounds that inspire you)
  • References page (Page to collect inspiring content)
  • Knowledge page (Reading an article or watching a video that can be useful in content creation later? Save it to your notion Knowledge database - connect it to the content or idea if necessary)
  • Vision Board (Create an inspiration board to have a quick look on how you see your social media in the future)
  • Resources page (Collection of resources for all stages of the creation process included and being updated through time, add your own links to the important pages here. Mark resources for Quick Access from the main dashboard with one click)
  • Sponsorships (Manage your sponsorships offers from this page, cross reference with the content notebook)
  • Milestones (Celebrate important milestones for each of the platforms!)
  • Metrics Tracking (Database for each platform with platform-specific metrics to track. Set the goals & measure your content performance)
  • Ad Campaigns (Track your ad campaigns and their performance, connect it to the content if necessary)
  • Grid Preview (The Grid Preview page allows you to see your upcoming content (sorted by date) for Instagram/Tiktok/Youtube - the platforms where you see your content in a grid. The Gallery view of Notion at the moment doesn’t allow for a perfect square preview to be shown but this is the close alternative for checking how your content looks together in a feed without using any external software/apps.)
  • Competitors (Page for keeping data & notes on your competitors - learn and improve your content by analyzing what other people do, what works and what doesn't)
  • How it works (Comprehensive guide explaining all the features of this template. If there is something missing or you don't understand some parts, please reach out at I'll be happy to hear your feedback and update the guide page)


  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Website Blog
  • Email Newsletter


1. Purchase the template (Instant Download)

2. Download the PDF file with the link

3. Duplicate the template in your Notion and start using it straight away

4. Instructions about setup included inside the template


1. A device to access Notion (Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

2. A Notion account (It’s free!)

3. A Basic understanding of how Notion works


This digital product is intended for personal use only. Sharing these files, selling, or redistributing them in any form is not allowed. Derivative works are prohibited.


Do I need to pay any subscription fees? Is Notion really free? 

Yes! Notion is completely FREE and this template works with the free version just fine, with no limitations on the amount of content you can create. However, you should be aware of the free version limit - 5mb uploads for images/videos (embedding videos from youtube or another video hosting is unlimited), and if you work in a team paid plan might be more suitable (8$/per user a month if paid yearly, 10$ monthly).

I’ve never used Notion before, will this suit me? 

It will help if you have a basic knowledge of how Notion works but if you don’t - no worries, it’s easy to learn. This template includes a comprehensive guide on how to use different features, how to add new content, how to customize it, etc. And if you need more fundamental knowledge of the software check out this Notion Guide -

Can I customize this template?

Yes! This is what makes notion so powerful, keep any parts that you need and delete others. Change Cover designs, titles, content templates - make it your own content hub that fits your needs perfectly!

Is this refundable?
Due to the nature of digital items, refunds are not accepted.

How can I contact you?

Here is my email: Have questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to assist!

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